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Hero Debate Questioner Kenneth Bone Wins Debate by Being Named Kenneth Bone

Kenneth “The Bone” Bone, half-zip sweater man.


Sunday night’s town hall presidential debate prominently involved Donald Trump’s claim that women will tolerate being grabbed “by the pussy” if they’re famous, which is to say, it was a new low for us as a country—until a man named Kenneth Bone rose from the audience, like Aphrodite emerging from the sea, to ask a question about energy policy.

A Facebook page that appears to belong to K-Bone identifies him as a former Domino’s Pizza manager who lives in Labadie, Missouri. The page indicates that Bone is a classic car aficionado; this sports car website refers to a Ken Bone who owns a slick-looking 1974 Mazda coupe.

Kenneth “Kenny Bones” Bone!