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Utah, Ohio Polls Are Bad News for Trump in a Bigly Way

Evan McMullin announcing his presidential candidacy on Aug. 10 in Salt Lake City.

George Frey/Getty Images

Two pieces of bad news for Donald Trump in the polling department:

1. He’s tied in Utah with Hillary Clinton and trailed closely by independent candidate Evan McMullin, a Republican (and Mormon BYU grad) who’s focused his Trump-protesting independent candidacy on the state. Utah has gone Republican in every presidential election since 1968, but a Salt Lake City polling firm now finds Clinton and Trump tied at 26 percent with McMullin within the margin of error at 22 percent. The Deseret News notes that a majority of voters statewide, and a majority of Mormons in the state, believe Trump should drop out of the race.

2. He’s losing to Clinton by 9 points (!) in Ohio in a four-way poll. Trump led Clinton in the state in almost every poll taken in September.

In other words, Trump’s two-pronged strategy of

  • Being recorded saying appalling things about women


  • Feuding in petty fashion with every other high-profile member of his own party

Does not appear to be paying off.

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