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Report: Trump Is Mad at Pence for Being Better Than Him at Debating

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Mike Pence in Roanoke, Virginia, on July 25.

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The emerging consensus about Tuesday’s vice presidential debate is that Mike Pence did well in the sense of seeming significantly more prepared and less insane than his running mate, Donald Trump, seemed during the Sept. 26 presidential debate. Word emerged pretty much immediately after Tuesday’s debate ended that Trump might not be happy about that comparison:

A quote obtained by CNBC’s John Harwood soon indicated that King’s source’s prediction had become reality:

Indeed, CNN’s snap poll has Pence winning the debate overall 48–42, but Kaine winning 58–35 on the question of who better defended their running mate.

God willing, Donald Trump is going to fire Mike Pence tonight and put Ivanka, Newt, Don Junior, or Omarosa on the ticket.