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Watch Ben Carson Awkwardly Walk Away From Live Interview to Look for his Luggage

The moment when Ben Carson suddenly realizes he doesn’t know where his luggage is during a live interview on CNN on Sept. 3, 2016.


Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson took Donald Trump to his childhood home in Detroit today. When the visit was over, the retired neurosurgeon began talking to CNN live about the experience. Carson was in the middle of discussing very serious issues, including the plight of Detroit—“In order for our country to be great again, every aspect has to be great, including our inner cities”—when he suddenly seems to have realized he didn’t know what happened to his luggage. “Oh! My Luggage!” Carson suddenly exclaimed in the middle of the live interview, throwing his hands up in the air as a shocked expression took over his face. “Hold on,” Carson said to CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, who seemed a bit taken aback by the whole thing.

Carson walked away from the camera and Diamond kept talking for a few seconds until the retired neurosurgeon suddenly came back and continued as if nothing had happened.