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Honeysuckle and Schadenfreude

The Slate Plus Digest for Sept. 2.


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Aloha, Pluslings!

September! Fall is upon us, as our colleagues return from their vacations and the children resume their educations and the sun temporarily abates in its campaign to murder us all. When I was a child, the fall sometimes lasted weeks or months, and the leaves piled up in the streets in kickable stacks. I miss those days, but I’m still looking forward to the three or four temperate days that our present carboniferous hellscape has to offer before the chill rolls in. Happy Labor Day! Lots to read.

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Very Short Q-and-A

This week’s personal question is addressed to Slate’s nights and weekends home page editor Seth Maxon.

Seth! You are returning to Slate’s New York office after a year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where you worked from home. What are you looking forward to? What will you miss?

Working from home had some advantages. I liked being able to do errands or relax up until the minute I started my workday at 2 p.m. After breakfast I could go for a run, shower, and eat lunch while watching Netflix and still be on time for work. I will miss working in Umbros and flip-flops, and I’ll miss the extra time I got to spend with my wife, who was home a lot studying for her master’s program.

But I am happy to be returning to office life, and I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues every day again. I got really stir crazy sometimes. It’s easy to not leave your apartment for a few days and find yourself questioning your existence. There’s an energy and camaraderie in the office that you just don’t feel in your Umbros. Plus there are often free baked goods.

Thanks, Seth!

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Gabriel Roth
Editorial director, Slate Plus