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Shocker: The “Taco Trucks on Every Corner” Trump Guy Is a Serial Scam Artist

Marco Gutierrez on All In With Chris Hayes.


We all had a good laugh last week when Marco Gutierrez, the co-founder of a group called Latinos for Trump that is definitely legitimate and not at all just a thing that exists purely on paper for the purposes of helping a few people book cable TV appearances, warned ominously that there would be “taco trucks on every corner” in the United States if Hillary Clinton wins this November.

What you might not be surprised to hear is that this Gutierrez fellow has done some weird stuff in his past. The Bay Area Mercury News notes that his real estate license has been suspended over sketchy transactions involving client funds:

The California Department of Real Estate revoked Gutierrez’ broker’s license in 2012 after accusing him of making two unauthorized charges to a client’s bank account—one to pay $800.36 to Sprint and the other to pay $821.57 to Comcast.

Under a settlement with state regulators, Gutierrez was allowed to get a restricted seller’s license, but he surrendered that in 2014 after being alerted that he was once again being investigated for real estate law violations.

Meanwhile, the conservative blog Quinton Report has found a court filing in which it’s revealed that Gutierrez and his wife have filed for bankruptcy a combined 14 times. A woman involved in the case testified that the family seems to use the practice of filing and then not following through on bankruptcy proceedings as a delaying tactic:

Ms. Macias stated in her Declaration: During the time I was working with [Debtors] they explained to me how they were using the bankruptcy court to prevent foreclosure on their home and to prevent other collection efforts, since they had no money. Mrs. Gutierrez explained to us that the way they were preventing a foreclosure was by filing for bankruptcy and then not following up on a legal requirement and the case would be dismissed. She explained to us that sometimes there was a three month period between the filing and the dismissal and that interfered with the foreclosure.

This is my favorite “Guy improbably supporting Trump turns out to be a clown” story since the Trump “University” “student” who defended Trump University to CNN turned out to also have gone bankrupt. Gee, what do you think it is about the Trump campaign that deadbeats find so appealing?