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How Did Donald Trump Jr. Become Even More Loathsome Than His Dad?

Donald Trump Jr. (left) and Eric Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 21.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. made a little splash Monday night by sending out a plagiarized, badly punctuated anti-refugee meme image that turns out to have involved the unauthorized use of a photo that was originally taken by, yes, a refugee.

It’s not his only recent act of smug white idiocy.

(Hat tip to Betsy Woodruff of the Daily Beast for chronicling a number of Trump Jr.’s finest moments.)

Question: What does this clown have to be so angry about? Why does someone with his materially comfortable background develop an affection for the intellectual output of basement masturbators and neo-Nazis? Is it because he wants to be sheltered from nagging critical perspectives that acknowledge the role of structural racism in social outcomes by a worldview which conveniently posits that disadvantaged groups are disadvantaged because they deserve to be? Is it possible that the white nationalist internet is Donald Trump Jr.’s safe space?