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Donald Trump Shows Surprising Restraint as Protesters Disrupt His Detroit Speech

Donald Trump on Monday cleared the absurdly low bar the talking heads have set for him: He managed to more or less stick to his prepared script during his big economic speech in Detroit. But it wasn’t always easy for the GOP nominee, as more than a dozen protesters interrupted him at various points during the hour or so he was on stage.

The disruptions started early and appeared to be a coordinated attempt to rattle him, with one individual protester after another standing from their seats to shout out every few minutes. Trump, though, never took the bait. He would simply pause as each protester was escorted out by security when his or her turn came, and instead mostly allowed the crowd to drown out the criticism with their applause. The only time Trump couldn’t quite help himself came toward the middle of his speech. “Thank you very much,” he said as the audience cheered during the expulsion of the ninth or so protester from the room. “I will say the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit, I will say.” Trump was back on message moments later.

It’s unclear who organized the demonstrations, though a local chapter of the United Auto Workers union staged protests outside the event, according to the Detroit News. Slate will have more on the actual content of Trump’s speech shortly.

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