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New National Polls Put Black Voter Support for Trump Perilously Close to Just Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault, Trump supporter.

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump has a base and from the latest round of national polls it’s pretty easy to see who’s not a part of it. For starters, black voters have been historically unimpressed with Trump and his all-around bigoted message. How bad is it? Omarosa may, or may not, be Trump’s only black supporter at this point.

If the election were held today, here’s the percentage of black voters that said they would cast their ballot for Donald Trump:

WSJ/NBC News Poll: 1 percent (Clinton, 91 percent)

Marist Poll: 2 percent (Clinton, 93 percent)

Fox News Poll: 4 percent (Clinton, 87 percent)

That’s not good. But sounds about right really. Trump has been quoted referring to the inherent “laziness” of blacks, he’s referred to “my African-American over here” while on the stump, and on and on. For reference, Mitt Romney only managed 6 percent of the black vote in 2012, but he was also running against a historic incumbent in Barack Obama.