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Missouri GOP Candidate’s Entire Campaign Ad Consists of Shooting a Machine Gun in Slow-Mo

If the pomp and absurdity of the presidential campaign is getting you down, and you find yourself longing for a simpler time when a pair of biceps, a crew cut, and a big gun could win an election, you’re in luck, Missouri is still a state! Since it’s a state, it needs a governor, and that governor might very well end up being Republican candidate Eric Greitens.

The 42-year-old former Navy SEAL (and former Democrat) won the state’s Republican primary on Tuesday and will now square off with the state’s Democratic Attorney General in the race to replace term-limited Gov. Jay Nixon. Greitens, despite having an impressive resume—Rhodes Scholar, Ph.D. from Oxford University, author, photographer, humanitarian, you know the usual—has focused on his ability to fire a machine gun, which is pretty much what governors do all day.

Some people go for a walk or a drive to decompress, Greitens blows off steam by firing a Gatling-style machine gun into a lake. Greitens path to the governor’s mansion hopefully isn’t relying too heavily on the lakehouse owner vote.