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We Hereby Nominate Emanuel Cleaver’s “She Won’t Stay Throwed” as HRC’s New Slogan

This was very fun. It might be the most fun moment of the Democratic National Convention. Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver was addressing the convention on Thursday when he went on an animated, righteous riff about Hillary Clinton’s tenacity in the face of adversity.

In it, Cleaver compared Clinton with President Andrew Jackson and baby Jesus, and in the process came up with what I feel should be immediately made Clinton’s new campaign slogan.

The portion of the clip in question begins at around the 1 minute, 55 second mark in the video above when Cleaver starts recounting an “old story about Andrew Jackson as a child.”


Jackson, Cleaver says, used to lose to his friend Jim Brown in wrestling 3 out of 4 times, even though wrestling matches are supposed to be best of 2 out of 3.


In Cleaver’s retelling of a story by a friend of Jackson’s, “Jim would throw old Andy, but he’d get right up because Andy just wouldn’t stay throwed. He wouldn’t stay throwed.”

Cleaver continued, growing more excited.

“Now, the first person in history who wouldn’t stay throwed was a little baby born in Bethlehem of Judea,” he said. “Now that little baby grew up, created a tumult. They put him in a grave and three days later, the world knew he wouldn’t stay throwed.”


Finally, here’s where the Democratic nominee for the presidency and the potential new slogan comes in.

“Now here’s a warning to those who might be tempted to spend the next four years trying to knock Hillary Clinton down. You better get ready for a woman who won’t stay throwed,” Cleaver said as he grew more and more impassioned. “They threw her down as the first lady, but she didn’t stay throwed! They threw her down as a U.S. senator, but she wouldn’t stay throwed! They threw her down as a secretary of state, but she wouldn’t stay throwed! They threw her down in this very campaign—this campaign—but she won’t stay throwed! No, she ain’t gonna’ stay throwed! She won’t stay throwed! She won’t stay throwed!”

Cleaver then left the lectern for a brief second, immediately returned and said this: “You better listen to me—I said she won’t stay throwed!”

If Clinton receives a 10-point polling bump in the next few days, I will attribute it entirely to Cleaver.

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