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Trump Points Out “Star of David” on ​Frozen​ Coloring Book No One Ever Noticed

On Wednesday, the fallout over Donald Trump’s Star of David tweet grew to encompass even his behind-the-scenes campaign guru and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Good thing the presumptive Republican nominee has ironclad evidence that his original tweet should not be viewed so harshly:

By drawing a comparison between his tweet and the cover of a beloved children’s movie coloring book (on sale at Barnes and Noble), Trump seems to be claiming that his image was just as innocent. Either that, or he’s accusing Frozen of bearing the same anti-Semitic signaling as his own tweet. Come to think of it, the movie is full of Aryan characters with German-sounding names (including Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna); one character, Olaf, even has skin of pure white snow; and the film was released by the company of noted and long-dead anti-Semite Walt Disney. Gasp!

But then again, “With 50 stickers!” doesn’t quite have the same malice as “Most corrupt candidate ever!” And as far as I’ve been able to tell, the Frozen coloring book has never been approvingly featured on white-supremacist websites, nor was it actually created by neo-Nazis. Donald Trump needs to let it go.