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Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Now We Wait

President Obama and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

The Trump Apocalypse Watch is a subjective daily estimate, using a scale of one to four horsemen, of how likely it is that Donald Trump will be elected president, thus triggering an apocalypse in which we all die.

President Obama gave a speech last night at the Democratic National Convention that even many conservatives liked. On the whole, the consensus among media elitists seems to be that the first three days of the DNC have made an effective case for the Democratic Party’s welcoming worldview and for Hillary Clinton’s competence and work ethic as a candidate. And Clinton will likely deliver a speech tonight that, even if it’s not spectacular or inspirational, will forcefully underline these themes. The question, as Slate’s Michelle Goldberg asked today: Will that matter? Will this salesmanship, and Clinton’s many policy proposals, be enough to convince undecided voters that she has the “shaking things up” mojo to attack the seemingly intransigent challenges—economic and racial inequality, gun violence, terrorism—that even the “America is already great” camp must admit we are plagued by? That’s the big question, especially given that the one thing everyone agrees on is that her opponent will, for better or worse, shake things up if he’s elected. And we’re still months away from answering it.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons.