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Some Human Told Hillary Clinton It Would Be a Good Idea to Say “Pokemon Go to the Polls”

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine walk into a bar, boy are their arms tired!

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is not an exciting speaker. Neither is Hillary Clinton. Neither of them are very clever or able to deliver strong “zingers.” This doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president, or that she shouldn’t pick Tim Kaine as her running mate. They have other qualities! But neither Tim Kaine nor Hillary Clinton really has “lines.”


Clinton is hosting a joint rally with Kaine in Northern Virginia today, presumably as a VP tryout for the reliably boring Virginian. Your trusty Slate correspondent (me) chose not to go because he thought it would be sort of terrible. Instead, it was… well…

A solid set for the NoVa suburban dad demo. But the master is still the master:

Look at Kaine, just dying over that, near wingspan-length clapping; Clinton nodding like she just bought the place and you can all pop off if you don’t like it. She knows it, oh she knows it.