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Reports: Ted Cruz, Wife Confronted by Angry Donors, Delegates After RNC Speech

Ted Cruz delivers a speech on the third day of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ted Cruz’s refusal to formally endorse Donald Trump onstage in Cleveland on Wednesday drew agitated chants of “EN-DORSE TRUMP” from the crowd, followed by audible boos from angry delegates when he didn’t heed their calls. From the sounds of it, though, the reception the Texas senator received when he stepped off the stage was even harsher.

CNN’s Manu Raju and BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray with more from the scene:

Meanwhile, on the floor:

There’s no doubt Cruz knew that his endorsement-free convention speech wasn’t going to be warmly received by Republican politicians and donors who have cast their lot with Trump, but he probably wasn’t expecting this. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign reportedly signed off on Cruz’s prepared remarks, so it would have known no endorsement was forthcoming—which makes this report all the more interesting:

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