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Watch Bernie Supporter Sarah Silverman Tell Bernie or Busters to Grow the Hell Up

Comedian Sarah Silverman delivered the ad lib of the Democratic National Convention on Monday night. While introducing Paul Simon, Silverman was explaining why—as a Bernie Sanders backer during the primary—she was now throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton.

“I will vote for Hillary with gusto as I continue to be inspired and moved to action by the ideals set forth by Bernie, who will never stop fighting for us,” she said. “I am proud to be a part of Bernie’s movement and a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that Hillary Clinton is president of the United States. Booyah, Baba Booey”


Sanders’ supporters had already disrupted the proceedings on multiple occasions earlier in the day and some of them again began to chant for “Bernie! Bernie!” To no avail, Silverman tried to steer the crowd to a chant of “Unity! Unity!”

Then she dropped this fun little truth bomb: “Can I just say to the Bernie or Bust people: You’re being ridiculous.”

That was one of the biggest applause lines of the night, and it was one of the first moments where it actually felt like the Hillary Clinton people in the hall outnumbered the Bernie Sanders people by the margin that they actually do.

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