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Clinton Campaign’s Computer Program Also Hacked

Less hack-ridden times.

Alexey Nikolsky/AFP/Getty Images

The days following the Democratic National Convention have brought both good and bad news for the Clinton campaign.

The good: The Clinton campaign now has a significant lead over Trump.

The bad: They, like the DNC, have been hacked.

From Reuters:

A Clinton campaign spokesman said in a statement late on Friday that an analytics data program maintained by the DNC and used by the campaign and a number of other entities “was accessed as part of the DNC hack.”


… a campaign official said hackers had access to the analytics program’s server for approximately five days. The analytics data program is one of many systems the campaign accesses to conduct voter analysis, and does not include social security numbers or credit card numbers, the official said.

This is “the third such attack on sensitive Democratic targets disclosed in the last six weeks,” carried out almost certainly by Russian hackers. There is an investigation underway by the U.S. Department of Justice’s national security division as to whether this constitutes a threat to U.S. security.


Much has already been written about how and why it is wrong for a foreign government to try to sway an American election, and some proverbial ink has been spilled on how Putin’s Russia—which has long believed itself to be the victim of Western meddling—perceives this as payback. Now, however, experts and pundits alike are turning to whether foreign hackers could sway not the course, but the very outcome of elections by hacking voting machines in November. But then, still others have penned pieces saying that this paranoid parlance is Putin’s point.

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