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“No More War” Is a Good Thing to Chant at a Democratic National Convention

People hold up anti-war signs as retired Marine Corps Gen. John Allen speaks during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

PHILADELPHIA—“No more war” is a perfectly fine thing to chant, particularly at a convention of Democrats. “No more war” was a fine thing to chant at Leon Panetta, and it was a fine thing to chant at that general who spent far too long wiggling his pecs at America from the stage of the Democratic (!) National Convention on Thursday night, as the Democrats wrapped themselves in bunting. If chanting “No more war” is inconvenient for the party, that’s nothing next to the inconvenience inflicted on the rest of the world in 2003 by many of the Democrats in the room, including the woman who was being fêted here, Hillary Clinton. “No more war” was a fine thing to chant at her, too.


“Sadly, still,” said MSNBC’s Brian Williams as Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg left the stage, “in the background you heard the faint voices of a few, the protesters chanting, ‘No more wars.’ ” This is the Brian Williams who developed his profound respect for the military after having survived an RPG attack at the Battle of Yeah My Ass. God, shut up. I will take the petulant and short-sighted Bernie or Busters any day over all the grave men wagging their fingers and telling them, no, no, that’s just not done. More Democrats should’ve been inconvenienced in 2003 and all the years since.