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Marcus Lutrell’s Speech Shows Why the GOP Needs a Better Nominee Than Trump

After brief speeches by Duck Dynasty star Willie Roberston and ’80s sitcom has-been Scott Baio, the GOP convention lineup actually synched up with the “Make America Safe Again” theme on Monday night with an appearance from former Navy SEAL Marcus Lutrell, the author of Lone Survivor, the account of a 2005 SEAL operation against the Taliban that went terribly wrong.

Luttrell gave a stirring and patriotic speech that would fit in well at any GOP convention—or any Democratic convention for that matter. He’s a war hero who came through harrowing circumstances with a vow to do some good in the world (his foundation helps military families transition to post-military life).

The problem is that he was giving that speech in support of a nominee who represents almost none of the qualities that Lutrell possesses and deems worthy in others. Remember, Donald Trump skipped a GOP debate to instead hold a veteran’s fundraiser, for which, it came out later, he hadn’t actually donated that money to veterans. He wrote checks only after the media called him out.

After saying that “we need our leaders to lead by example,” Luttrell made this heartfelt pitch for unity on Monday night:

(Our leaders) need to show the American public that each every life under the flag is family,” Luttrell said. “We are family, we step up and back them up, and hold them accountable for every position and office that they hold. The only way we survive this is together, not apart. In order for any life to matter, we all have to matter.

Donald Trump wants to bans Muslims in the United States and kill the families of terrorists. He’s questioned a judge’s impartiality because of his race, insulted women, and poked fun at people with disabilities.

The Republican Party owes Luttrell someone better than Donald Trump.