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RNC Speaker Ends Speech With What Seems Like Nazi Salute to Giant Image of Trump

Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Above: A wider-angle photo of right-wing radio host and writer Laura Ingraham ending her Wednesday night Republican National Convention speech with a flat-hand, palm-down gesture that, it must be said (especially given the giant image of Donald Trump next to her), resembles the “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute.

Here it is at full speed:

Ingraham followed up the gesture by publicly thanking far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Twitter for his praise of her remarks.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: Ingraham has tweeted about this mini-controversy in a way that seems to imply any resemblance between her gesture and the ol’ Nazi salute was merely coincidental.