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Congressman Trolls Trump by Asking FBI Director About Danger of Retweeting White Supremacists

Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay and FBI Director James Comey.


FBI Director James Comey is on Capitol Hill on Thursday testifying about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump keeps sharing racist/anti-Semitic propaganda images created by white supremacists. Those two facts aren’t super-related, but that wasn’t going to stop committee member and Democratic Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay!

“One of my biggest concerns is certain public figures are actually promoting these dangerous groups.” That is some classic concern trolling.

I mean, on one level, this is all very not funny. It actually is concerning that a major-party presidential candidate is cultivating support from neo-Nazis and white supremacists. (Since the Oklahoma City terror attack, white extremists have been responsible for at least 29 domestic terror attacks.)

But on the other hand, it was pretty funny.