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Disability Rights Advocate Slams Donald Trump in DNC Speech

Anastasia Somoza, an international disability rights advocate, delivers remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention on Monday in Philadelphia.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Anastasia Somoza, a disability rights advocate who has worked with the Clinton Foundation, was a hit with the crowd at the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

“Donald Trump doesn’t see me, he doesn’t hear me, and he definitely doesn’t speak for me,” Somoza, who has cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, told the crowd.* “I’m confident as president, Hillary Clinton will do everything in her power to promote the empowerment and humanity of all Americans.”

In an evening of less-than-memorable speeches, some of the strongest—and best received—have come from those who are not elected officials.

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*Correction, July 26, 2016: This post originally misquoted Somoza as saying that Trump “definitely doesn’t think for me.”