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CNN Türk Forced Off the Air in Turkish Coup

The studios of CNN Türk were briefly but dramatically taken over Friday night in the midst of a coup attempt by a military faction against the Turkish government. At around 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the station’s English language Twitter account reported that Turkish soldiers had entered both the media complex where CNN Türk is housed and CNN Türk’s studios themselves.

The station later tweeted that “coup plotters” were bringing their broadcast to an end and that civilians were scuffling with soldiers just outside their building. Both tweets were accompanied by a photo of an evidently empty studio.

CNN soon began broadcasting a live shot of CNN Türk’s studio.

According to CNN, one manager told the staff that he would leave the studio last should anything happen and an anchor promised to continue Türk’s broadcast “until the last moment”.

Türk staffers also broadcast harrowing behind the scenes footage of their offices and studios live on Facebook.

The situation at CNN Türk seems to have resolved and the station’s live feed is currently broadcasting coverage of the unfolding events in Turkey.