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Report: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Serious Trump VP Candidate

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in Indianapolis on March 31, 2015.

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is “in play” as a potential Donald Trump running mate, NBC reports, writing that “an individual knowledgeable [about] conversations about the decision tells NBC News that Pence was made aware several weeks ago through an intermediary that he was being considered for the VP slot.”

Pence, a 57-year-old former Congressman, most recently made national headlines before Indiana’s presidential primary when he endorsed Ted Cruz in a really tepid way that made it seem like he wanted to keep his options open with Trump. (Apparently it worked!) Before that his main national exposure had come during the controversy over Indiana’s anti-LGBT “religious freedom” law, during which, to me at least, he came off as a bit of a doofus.

On the other hand, Pence has social-conservative cred, actual governing experience, and nice shiny silver hair. I mean, that hair—it’s lustrous. It glows. Mike Pence!