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Introducing The Angle

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Photo illustration by Slate. Portrait illustration by Charlie Powell.

There is a lot to read on the internet. At Slate, we think the most satisfying stories are the ones that change your mind in some way: by making a case with rigor and wit; by explaining some corner of the world so you see it in new light; or by pointing your attention toward unfamiliar territory. We strive to make work that’s worth your time.

But we know that most people can’t spend all day reading Slate. And so we’ve launched The AngleSlate’s flagship email newsletter. It brings Slate’s smartest, most surprising perspectives to your inbox every day. We’ve enlisted Slate’s brilliant history writer, Rebecca Onion, to distill the magazine’s most fascinating pieces. Are voters this year really mad at “the establishment”? Should English majors have to read the canon? Can you get out of debt by skipping that latte? Sign up and find out.

The Angle is a great read that points you to other great reads, a cheat sheet for cocktail parties and a way to make sure you never miss Slate’s best stuff. Each edition also includes one or two stories we loved from other sites—because we don’t publish every great story on the web. It’s a newsletter that will change your thinking. Give The Angle a try today.