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Hillary Clinton Wins D.C., the Millionth Primary of the Year; Will Meet Bernie Sanders

Hillary and Bernie. Bernie and Hillary.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton won the D.C. primary Tuesday night, marking the last of the 432 Democratic primaries held this calendar year. (Note: There were actually 57 contests.) Now what? Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, but what about the rest of us? What are we supposed to do on Tuesday nights now that Wolf and the gang aren’t around to make them super? More importantly, what’s Bernie Sanders going to do?

Here’s what Clinton would like him to do: Endorse her for president, for starters. Sanders hasn’t been willing to do that so far, but the two candidates are scheduled for their first private meeting of the campaign Tuesday night. Before he slides off stage, however, Sanders had a few conditions (via the Wall Street Journal):

[F]or now, Mr. Sanders is withholding his endorsement as he presses Mrs. Clinton and Democratic Party leaders to agree to some of the liberal policy goals and electoral changes he touted on the campaign trail, such as addressing income inequality and curtailing the role of money in politics. … Hours before the meeting with Mrs. Clinton, the Vermont senator laid out specific requests that he said he would fight to enact at the Democratic convention next month in Philadelphia.

Clinton’s pledged and superdelgate total was already over the 2,383-delegate threshold before the nation’s capital went to the polls Tuesday.

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