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Democratic Super PAC Ad Shames Trump for Mocking Disabled Reporter

Chris and Lauren Glaros in the “Grace” ad.

Screenshot/Priorities USA

Last fall, in the course of defending his insane claim that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey openly celebrated 9/11, Donald Trump mocked current New York Times and former Washington Post reporter Serge Kovaleski during a speech. Kovaleski suffers from a condition called arthrogryposis, and his right arm’s strength and range of motion are visibly limited; during his speech Trump held his right arm in an awkward position that appeared to mimic Kovaleski’s posture, then flailed his body back and forth and distorted his voice in an exaggerated way. Trump later claimed—again, dubiously, given that he and Kovaleski have met—that he didn’t know the reporter was disabled and was doing a generalized impression of a person in a panic. You can make up your own mind, though, after watching the pro-Clinton Priorities USA super PAC’s ad “Grace,” which features two parents of a daughter who was born with spina bifida condemning Trump’s behavior:

“When I saw Donald Trump mock someone with a disability, it showed me his soul,” Chris Glaros says in the ad. “It showed me his heart. And I didn’t like what I saw.” In what is probably not a coincidence, Glaros is a lawyer who has worked for a number of Democratic politicians with Clinton connections: He clerked in the Justice Department under Eric Holder during Bill Clinton’s term, was once George Stephanopoulos’ research assistant, and served from 2011 and 2013 as the general counsel for the Children’s Defense Fund, with which Hillary Clinton has had a long and sometimes contentious relationship. (Lauren Glaros is a social studies teacher.)

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