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Donald Trump, Shockingly, Isn’t Sure a Muslim Judge Would Treat Him Fairly Either

The underlying logic of Donald Trump continues to play out before our eyes. While Trump may have always appealed to those who support him for “telling it like it is” (i.e. being overtly bigoted), his know-nothing rhetorical evasiveness left unsettling gaps in his reasoning that are now being more fully enunciated. For instance, Trump’s crusade against federal judge Gonzalo Curiel turned more explicitly ugly earlier this week when Trump articulated his issue with Curiel—his Mexican ancestry. Trump said Curiel’s parents’ place of birth created an “inherent conflict of interest” in his dealings with Trump because of his whole build-a-wall idea.

On Sunday, CBS’s Face the Nation host John Dickerson pushed Trump to flesh out this logic by asking would it be a problem, for Trump, given his call for a ban on Muslim’s entering the U.S., if the judge in a case he was involved in was a Muslim?

Dickerson: If it was a Muslim judge do you also feel like they wouldn’t be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours?

Trump: Uhhhhhhh. … It’s possible, yes. That would be possible. Absolutely.

Donald Trump is awfully concerned about justice and fairness, when it comes to how he’s being treated.