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Louisiana Rep. Proposes Regulating Strippers’ Weight to Make a Point… About Government Overreach

Rep. Kenny Havard’s kindred spirit, Kenny Powers.

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We’ve got some breaking news out of the Louisiana statehouse Wednesday where the state legislature has been going about the day-to-day business of representing the good people of Louisiana. On today’s docket: regulating strip clubs in the state. Here’s what bill 468 was looking to fix:

Senate Bill No. 468  

Enter Rep. Kenny “Slippery Slope” Havard. Havard, a Republican representing Jackson, Louisiana thought the idea of telling a creepy strip club operator how to run his (or her?) business reeked of regulatory overreach. So he came up with an amendment of his own. To make his slippery slope point. We’ll call it the Havard Amendment. It states that strippers, by law, should be:

The Havard Amendment.

“Havard, who immediately pulled the amendment, [said] he doesn’t regret the ‘joke’ and called it satire – not sexism. He said he meant for the amendment to point out that the bill teeters on overregulation,” the Advocate reports. “Supporters of the bill say that they are trying to protect teens from human trafficking. It has won bipartisan support through the legislative process.”

I don’t think Kenny Havard actually knows what satire is. The bill passed 96-0 with Kenny Havard’s vote.

Kenny *freaking* Havard.