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OMG Joe Biden Wanted Elizabeth Warren to Be His Hypothetical Running Mate

Elizabeth Warren with her husband, Bruce Mann, and Joe Biden in the Old Senate Chamber on Capitol Hill on Jan. 3, 2013.

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

You guys! I have been telling friends, colleagues, Chipotle cashiers, and random people on the street for months that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would make a great “unity ticket” in the event that the Democratic primary ended up in a stalemate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Biden is a well-liked “establishment” Democrat with foreign policy experience, Warren is a tough-talking progressive who’d appeal to the left wing but isn’t so radical that she’d alienate moderates … it just works. Hillary is going to win, of course, so this is all moot, but who cares, because it turns out that JOE BIDEN AGREES WITH ME:


Joe Biden took months to decide he wouldn’t run for president — but he was sold on Elizabeth Warren as his running mate from the start, people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.


Biden was interested in Warren, the piece says, for the reasons you’d expect: He wanted someone who could credibly denounce big banks and financial fraud. The former senator, whose own voting history is pretty bank-friendly, announced in October 2015 that he had decided not to run for the presidency.

The reason this is coming out now, it seems, is that Biden and/or people in his circle want Warren to be Hillary’s VP nominee: 

He’s recently told associates that Warren would be an equally smart pick for Hillary Clinton, who has been sharply criticized for refusing to publish the transcripts of her high-paid speeches to the elite banking firm of Goldman Sachs.

There have not yet been any hints that Clinton is actually considering Warren as a running mate, but for what it’s worth, the Massachusetts senator has said (in time-honored potential-veep fashion) that she would not rule out the possibility of joining the ticket.

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