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One of Trump’s Convention Delegates Goes by the Name “whitepride” on Twitter

Donald Trump gives a thumbs up after an event in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, on Thursday.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Set the “Days Since a Trump Convention Delegate Has Been Exposed as a White Supremacist or Accused Child Pornographer” clock back to zero! Just kidding, it was already at zero because of the Maryland delegate charged in a child porn case on Thursday. The point is that the Chicago Tribune has found another ardent white-race enthusiast among the delegates that the Trump campaign has nominated to the Republican convention. Her name is Lori Gayne, but you might know her as “whitepride” on the net:

Here’s what she told the Tribune:

“With all the racism going on today, I’m very proud to be white. Just like black people are proud to be black and now, as white people, whenever we say something critical we’re punished as if we’re racists. I’m tired of it. I’m very proud,” Gayne said.

Mother Jones notes that, incredibly, Gayne is a mortgage banker, though her current employment status is unclear. On a since-deleted LinkedIn profile, Gayne wrote that she is currently employed at BMO Harris in Chicago. The bank, however says it only employed her briefly in 2011 and 2012; she is not listed in its online directory of Illinois mortgage bankers.*

*Update, May 24: This post has been updated to note that Gayne is no longer employed by BMO Harris. 

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