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Eagles of Death Metal France Concerts Canceled Over Singer’s Claims of Muslim Conspiracy

Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal at a March 12 concert in Sao Paulo.

Victor Moriyama/Getty Images

Festival organizers in France have canceled two scheduled August performances by the Eagles of Death Metal after the band’s Trump-supporting right-wing frontman elaborated in a new interview about his previously stated theory that security guards at the Bataclan theater were complicit in the terrorist attack that killed 89 people at the band’s concert on Nov. 13. From Jesse Hughes’ conversation with Canadian hipster provocateur Gavin McInnes in Taki’s Magazine:

I know for sure that they were in there early. … There’s no denying the terrorists were already inside, and they had to get in somehow. During the shooting I went outside and the backstage door was propped open. How did that happen?


If they were hanging out enough to let three people go, then they knew security dudes. They knew bouncers. They knew doormen.

Do you think a percentage of the security staff was Muslim?

I know they were.

Bataclan management has strongly denied Hughes’ claims, which do not appear to comport with other accounts of the attack at the theater.

The band previously returned to France to perform a show in Paris on Feb. 17.