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Budweiser Is Renaming Itself “America” for the Next Six Months, Which Is Appropriate and Correct

Life, liberty, Budweiser.


Budweiser beer is renaming itself “America” for the next six months, the company has announced. “We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America,” a spokesman says. (This is factually accurate.) 

Now, a lot of people are probably already complaining about this. “Budweiser is actually owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate,” they’re probably saying. “And the commodification of patriotism can be a practice that demeans our nation’s higher ideals.”

I have three responses to you, hypothetical interlocutor:


1. America

2. The Miracle on Ice

3. USA

Upon hearing the news about the Bud/America switch, a friend of mine asked if there’s going to be an “America Light.” To which I say: There already is, friend. There already is.


Now let’s all throw back a cold one—for freedom.