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The Only District in New York That Trump Appears to Have Lost Is the One He Lives In

John Kasich is feelin’ the Bern! Feelin’ the Kasich! Whatever!

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

With 100 percent of election districts reporting, New York state’s unofficial election-night results website has Donald Trump losing only one of New York’s 27 congressional districts: The 12th, which covers parts of Brooklyn and Queens as well as the eastern side of Manhattan—including the Fifth Avenue block that’s home to Trump Tower, which is where Trump lives and where the Trump Organization is based.

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Screenshot/State of New York

Per New York’s delegate allocation rules, that means that if results stand when they’re made official, John Kasich will pick up two delegates in the Fightin’$2 12th and Trump will get one. 

The good news for Trump is that he does appear to have won the specific nine-block precinct where Trump Tower is located by a blowout total of 23 votes to Kasich’s 13. The other good news is that it looks like he won 90 of the state’s 95 delegates overall.

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