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Hi, Friends! Maybe Cool It With the Ted Cruz Mat Outrage?

Make America Ted Cruz again.

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Ted Cruz said something. It sounded funny to some people. Some other internet people commented on the thing that Ted Cruz said that sounded funny to some people. Here is the thing that Ted Cruz said:

Here is what people who thought this sounded funny said:

Here is what the other internet people said:

  • Salon: “He painted a very strange — and probably more sexual than he intended — scene to describe America.”
  • Cosmopolitan: “Just when it seemed like Cruz was about to enter into a gross fantasy, he pulled himself out (sorry but not really) … ”
  • The New Republic: “Cruz should probably avoid comparing America to a supine, unconscious woman.”
  • The New York Daily News: “Cruz somehow managed to … use the worst metaphor ever for American perseverance … ”
  • New York: “Ted Cruz, now the official Republican loser of the New York primary, said something that pretty much elicits a string of ‘nononononononono’ from anyone who dares watch this on a Vine loop.”
  • Jezebel: “In case you needed to be reminded that Ted Cruz is ‘not’ the Zodiac Killer, here you go.”

Now, here is the context of the thing that Cruz said:

I know you. You may have been knocked down, but America’s always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat and the crowd has given the final count. It is time for us as a nation to get up, to shake it off and be who we were destined to be. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

So, Ted Cruz used a wrestling metaphor about America being in a tough position and fighting back and described a country with a feminine pronoun, which has a long linguistic tradition.

This thing that Ted Cruz said is not so much of a thing, is it?