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Ted Cruz Bravely Speaks Out Against “Putting Little Girls Alone in a Bathroom With Grown Men”

Ted Cruz in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump went on the Today show this morning and said something eminently and surprisingly reasonable, describing the absurd/unconstitutional movement to ban transgender individuals from bathrooms corresponding with their gender identities as unnecessary and counterproductive. Ted Cruz immediately saw an opportunity to seize the low ground:


To state the obvious, Cruz’s statement reverses the goals of the actors involved here. Trans-rights advocates aren’t asking for laws “facilitating” the act of going into a women’s bathroom and scaring a little girl (a little girl, who for some reason, in Cruz’s formulation, is “alone”). They’re asking to prevent laws from being passed that prohibit trans people who identify as women from using the appropriate bathroom. But supporters of these anti-trans laws—like Cruz—don’t want to look like they’re going out of their way to discriminate against anyone. So they justify the laws as a response to a threat (male sexual predators using transgender rights as an excuse to commit sex crimes by lurking in women’s bathrooms) that doesn’t actually exist.