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This Picture of a Russian Jet Provocatively Buzzing a U.S. Destroyer Is Insane

Above: A picture released by the U.S. military (EUCOM = United States European Command) of a Russian SU-24 jet flying within an estimated 30 feet of the destroyer Donald Cook in international waters in the Baltic Sea. A U.S. official told the Military Times that the Russian jet’s behavior—it reportedly made 11 “overflights” of the Donald Cook—was a “simulated attack” that was “unsafe and unprofessional” and may violate a 1973 treaty between the two countries.

This post will be updated shortly with statements from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz blaming Obama for making the United States so weak and/or “feckless” that the Russians think they can get away with this kind of thing without repercussions.

Cut it out, Russia!