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Florida Governor Releases Attack Ad Against Woman Who Yelled at Him in Starbucks

Politicians are used to being on the receiving end of criticism. But Florida Gov. Rick Scott apparently takes it personally. The governor doesn’t seem to have been too happy that a video of a woman yelling at him in Starbucks went viral. So a political action committee supporting Scott responded with an attack ad against the private citizen. A video that appeared on Scott’s YouTube channel attacks the woman, Cara Jennings, directly.

“A million jobs? Great. Who here has a great job?!” Jennings yelled at Scott.

“Well, almost everybody,” claims the 60-second ad that goes on to call Jennings a “terribly rude woman” who was once a government worker and is a self-described anarchist.

 “Almost everybody” has a great job, notes the ad. “Except those who are sitting around coffee shops, demanding public assistance, surfing the internet and cursing at customers who come in.”

“Gov. Scott and his PAC are bullies,” Jennings said in response to the attack ad. “Instead of addressing the issues I brought up he’s using the power of his PAC to try to intimidate someone who spoke out against his policies.”

In case you need a refresher, below is the original video of the confrontation that went viral.