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Did Chris Christie’s Wife Really Roll Her Eyes at Trump’s Sexist Hillary Comment?

As you can see above, Donald Trump finished up his victory speech Tuesday night by asserting that Hillary Clinton would only get “5 percent of the vote” if she were a man, following it up by claiming that “women don’t like her.” (Fact-check: They like her a lot more than they like Donald Trump.) Standing behind Trump as he made the comment was Chris Christie’s wife Mary Pat; many observers, like the New York Times’ Michael Barbaro, interpreted her reaction to it as a signal of disapproval.

It’s true that in the ABC clip that’s going around, Mary Pat Christie glances in her husband’s direction, a glance that one could interpret as alarm, and then makes an expression that could be interpreted as disgust:


However! As much as I would like to believe that Trump was actively being undermined by an alleged ally, I think the full clip indicates that both Christies actually reacted to Trump’s remark in the same way, namely, a kind of disbelieving amusement, like, “DAMN, HE REALLY WENT THERE.” Look at them both seeming mirthful in this still, taken a few moments after the shot above:


And look at Mary Pat turn back toward Trump as he’s stepping off the stage as if to say “Donald, you are incorrigible, BUT I MUST ADMIT IT PLEASES ME”:


I think she was amused, not annoyed.

Here it is in slow motion.

Slowing it down doesn’t necessarily clarify matters, but it does make the audio sound (even more) like a nightmare!

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