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Wow! This Inspiring 92-Year-Old Still Isn’t Ready to Retire.

Robert Mugabe on Wednesday in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Jekesai Njikizana/AFP/Getty Images

A crowd of 2,000 people assembled in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Thursday to protest the ongoing rule of Zimbabwean president/tyrant Robert Mugabe, the BBC reports. (Police denied permission for the rally to take place, but it was then authorized by the country’s high court.) Several paragraphs into the BBC piece there’s a fun nugget about the 92-year-old Mugabe’s future plans:

Elections are due in 2018 and President Mugabe, 92, says he will run again.


Mugabe, who has controlled Zimbabwe since 1980, may be personally responsible for his country’s tragicomic disaster of an economy as well as the widespread perpetration of violence and terror upon its citizens, but jeez, what energy! I’m only 33 and sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed to write blog posts in the morning—nevermind getting out of bed to order the torture and secret execution of political enemies affiliated with my longtime rival Morgan Tsvangirai! I wonder what Mugabe’s secret is, aside from the existential drive to distract himself from the realization that the oblivion of final death would actually be preferable to being judged, in an afterlife/higher-power scenario, for his many terrible crimes?

Maybe he eats a lot of yogurt! Yogurt is good for your health.