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Here’s a Video of a Tiger Casually Walking Through Traffic in Qatar

Above: A video, apparently taken Tuesday, of a tiger cub with a broken chain attached to its collar trotting between cars in a Doha, Qatar, traffic jam. The Doha News site says the country’s Interior Ministry is looking into the situation; the site also points to another video clip, posted by an Oman-based news publication, that appears to show the tiger back on a leash.

(Note that the person taking the video claims to the tiger’s caretaker that he’s not going to put it on social media. Welp.)

From Doha News:

Although illegal, is not uncommon for residents to keep wild animals such as tigers, lions and cheetahs as pets in Qatar … Despite repeated warnings of the dangers about this practice from the authorities including the Ministry of Interior, practical enforcement of these regulations is patchy.

Travel advice: Wear a full suit of armor at all times when you’re in Qatar.