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March Madness Starts Early as UConn, Cincy Combine for Two 3-Pointers in 0.8 Seconds to End Third (!) Overtime

The aftermath of Cincinnati’s shot.


You start watching this clip—from the American Athletic Conference tournament—and you’re like, oh, pretty cool buzzer-beater, Cincinnati. Then UConn shows you what a real buzzer-beater looks like.

As you can see, making the shots even more remarkable is that the two teams were already playing in triple overtime. UConn pulled ahead and won the game in quadruple overtime; per the latest Bracket Matrix bracketology aggregation, both teams are expected to make the NCAA Tournament’s field of 64.

Correction, March 12, 2016: This post originally misstated the order of Cincinnati and UConn’s shots backward and egregiously abbreviated Cincinnati with an i (Cinci) rather than a y (Cincy).