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Karl Rove Says Virginia Race Is Tightening, Gets Proved Wrong in Less Than 10 Seconds

Poor Karl Rove. The Fox News anchor has been mercilessly mocked by Donald Trump for months, and his reputation is still recovering from the fiasco four years ago when he refused to accept that Mitt Romney had lost to Barack Obama. Tonight wasn’t much better. Early in Fox’s election coverage, when Virginia results were still coming in, Chris Wallace asked Rove what he thought would happen in the state. “Well, I think this race is going to continue to tighten,” Rove declared, no doubt pleased that his favored candidate, Marco Rubio, still had slim hopes there. “Wait, wait, hold on just a second,” Chris Wallace interrupted him. “Apparently we’ve got a call in Virginia, so you can tell us after we get the call.” The call, needless to say, was for Trump. “Karl, tell me, what does that mean for Marco Rubio and Donald Trump?” Wallace asked, before bursting into laughter.