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Six New Jersey Newspapers Call for Chris Christie to Resign

I’ve made a huge mistake.


Times are not great for Chris Christie right now. He had to drop out of the presidential race after getting like five votes. His approval rating in New Jersey is 31 percent. And everyone on the Internet is making fun of him because he looked like a traumatized hostage while introducing Donald Trump (who he endorsed last week) Tuesday night in Florida. Here’s some more not-good news: Six newspapers in New Jersey have co-published an editorial calling on Christie to resign.


An excerpt from the piece, which appeared in the Asbury Park Press, Bridgewater Courier News, East Brunswick Home News, Morristown Daily Record, Cherry Hill Courier Post, and Vineland Daily Journal:

Last year, he spent 261 full or partial days out of New Jersey. Now that he is no longer running for president, what percentage of his time does he expect to spend in New Jersey on New Jersey business this year? How could he endorse someone for president who disagrees with him on virtually every important issue? Was his trip to Texas to endorse Trump and his campaigning on his behalf the following day in Arkansas and Tennessee a harbinger of more out-of-state stumping for him in the future? (A question answered by his subsequent trips to Ohio and Kentucky on Trump’s behalf.) Will New Jersey continue to be billed for his security and other expenses on these trips? If so, how does he justify that?

It has been obvious for at least two years that Christie has put personal ambition ahead of the interests of New Jersey citizens.

Here’s more on the public cost of Christie’s out-of-state travel.

Christie’s term runs through the end of 2017; he’s prevented by term limits from running for governor again.

The upside, though, is that by this time next year Christie could be President Trump’s vice president or personal assistant!