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Guy Angry at Neighbors About Zoning Stuff Opens KKK Retreat in Ritzy Atlanta Suburb

Douglas Hay’s property in Milton, Georgia.

Bill Torpy/Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Big week for the KKK! First the leading Republican candidate for president refused to condemn the group (a position he’s since disavowed disingenuously) and now they’re in the news in Atlanta because a guy who owns some land in a nice suburb is letting them use his property as a “religious retreat” because he’s mad about zoning problems.

Bill Torpy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution visited the Six Hills subdivision in tony Milton, Georgia, to get to the bottom of things. “For a decade,” Torpy writes, “the owners of a mostly land-locked 24-acre parcel in Six Hills have tried to develop the property and have gotten increasingly frustrated in getting turned down.” The latest owner is one Douglas Hay, whose own development proposal was rejected by the city of Milton and who has responded by (reportedly) letting pigs run free on the land, hiring a loud truck to annoy a neighbor, and now renting space to the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. 

“We go out there, it’s open for our members to camp out, to target practice, to have our meetings because we’re a religious organization,” a KKK rep said.

Hay bought the land for $900,000 and now says his “feud” with the neighborhood/city will end if he can sell it for $2 million. Just a reasonable regular businessman, this Douglas Hay.