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Hey Look, Here’s Another Incredibly Sleazy Thing Donald Trump Was Involved With in the ’80s

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City in a photo from 2004.

Craig Allen/Getty Images

Another day, another story about Donald Trump being involved in something abhorrent. This one’s from Yahoo News investigative reporter Michael Isikoff, who’s gotten documentation that the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City was fined $200,000 in 1991 for preventing black employees from working near Robert LiButti, a Mob-linked high roller who was known for racist tirades. From Yahoo:

Investigators found that LiButti had, on multiple occasions, berated blacks and women using what one state official described as the “vilest” language — including racist slurs and references to women in obscene terms — and that the Trump Plaza, in order not to lose his substantial business, sought to accommodate him by keeping the employees away from his betting tables, according to commission documents recently obtained by Yahoo News under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.

LiButti was banned from New Jersey casinos because of his reputed connections to Mob boss John Gotti; in 1994, he was imprisoned for tax fraud.

Trump told Yahoo in a statement that he does not remember who LiButti is, but LiButti’s daughter says she and her father knew Trump well and that he often flew to Atlantic City in Trump’s helicopter—a claim bolstered by a 1990 police recording on which LiButti discusses a conversation he had with Trump in a helicopter. (A former Trump Casino manager also wrote in a 1991 book that Trump and LiButti had negotiated extensively over the sale of a racehorse.)

Speaking of Trump’s helicopter, here’s a story about how Trump rented an apartment to (and wrote a letter to a judge on behalf of) convicted embezzler and car thief Joseph Weischselbaum, the general manager of a helicopter company that did work for Trump casinos, while Weichselbaum was being prosecuted for cocaine trafficking.