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Trump and Cruz Bravely Take to Twitter to Settle Who’s the Most Alpha Political Husband

What bit of lowbrow political gamesmanship did this election need that it didn’t have already? Who has been spared by the Donald Trump Twitter-based campaign for president? Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. On Tuesday, that changed with the Trump Tweet above.

Trump, to be somewhat fair while not excusing the threat, has been hit by ads targeting his wife, Melania, in conservative Utah run by conservative anti-Trump SuperPAC Make America Awesome.

Make America Awesome

(Slate’s Christina Cauterucci has more on the slut-shaming ad campaign here.) So with the bar sufficiently lowered and the gauntlet thrown down, Cruz responded like a real 21st century alpha political husband by (sort of) defending his wife with a strongly carefully worded Tweet:

The head of the Make America Awesome SuperPAC shot back at Trump saying he’s been pushing rumors pre-caucus about Cruz’s wife.