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Corey Lewandowski’s Lawyer Resigned U.S. Attorney Job After Being Accused of Biting Stripper Named Tiffany

Corey Lewandowski in Palm Beach, Florida, on March 11.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with misdemeanor battery for grabbing and pulling former reporter Michelle Fields; in the Trump campaign’s statement asserting that Lewandowski is innocent of the charge, Kendall Coffey of Miami is identified as one of Lewandowski’s attorneys:

As Democratic operative Jamison Foser noted on Twitter, Coffey has an interesting past:

Here’s now-CNN anchor Jake Tapper describing the stripper allegation in a 2000 Salon piece. “Reno” is attorney general Janet Reno:

Things got a little hairy, however, when Coffey decided to try to kiss Tiffany on the lips. She didn’t want him to, and when she tried to wriggle away, he bit her left arm, only not so affectionately this time. He broke the skin and drew blood …

In May, the Miami Herald reported that Coffey was under internal investigation for the incident. This was just two days before GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole — who had been making a campaign issue out of Clinton’s federal appointments — was to arrive in Florida. Coffey was summoned to D.C. to talk to Reno.

A day later, Coffey resigned.

And it turns out that Coffey was also in the news in early 2001 for his involvement with the case of two felons who were pardoned by Bill Clinton—specifically, two felons whose case became controversial because it turns out that Hillary Clinton’s brother (!) Hugh Rodham got paid $400,000 for his work on the case after their sentences were commuted. (Rodham reportedly returned the money after the story blew up in the press.)

We live in interesting times.