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Watch the Simpsons Mock the Presidential Campaign

“Wanna see something my mother suggested?” Jeb Bush asks before kicking Donald Trump in this screengrab from a Simpsons video posted online on Feb. 20, 2016.

The Simpsons

A new online video of the Simpsons takes on the presidential race and captures just how tired Americans are of the political horserace and infighting. Marge Simpson, ever the sensitive one, wakes up from a nightmare in which candidates are yelling at each other with actual lines from debates (“he doesn’t speak Spanish,” someone can be heard saying). “I can’t take it anymore!” she yells. “Basic manners are gone from politics. What is it with these ding-dongs?” When Lisa, Bart, and Maggie come into their room, Homer explains what’s going on: “It’s like when you have a bad dream except this is real and will probably ruin your life.”

Homer then calls on Marge to “visualize another America, one where Democrats, Republicans, and Donald Trump all get along.” The candidates then proceed to break out in song. But it doesn’t last long. “I was perfect, the rest of you morons were flat,” Trump says. All the candidates start rumbling and Jeb Bush even kicks Trump in the nuts. “Hillary, if I get elected will you tell me what to do?” Bernie Sanders says as Clinton chokes him with her necklace.

In the end though, Marge doesn’t seem all that upset by the fighting and just wants to find out what happens next.