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SNL Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Failure to Woo Young Democrats

Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton sings I Can’t Make You Love Me while Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton plays the piano.

Saturday Night Live

A week after Bernie Sanders made his debut on Saturday Night Live, the show is apparently still feeling the Bern and made fun of just how difficult it is for young Democrats to get behind Hillary Clinton. The opening sketch begins with a group of young, white voters eating brunch and discussing the primary race. “I mean Hillary is the most qualified candidate in history,” Vanessa Bayer says. “But at the same time — eh?” Taran Killam agrees: “Hillary has every, single thing I want in a president. But…”And they all jump in: “She’s no Bernie!”

At that point, Kate McKinnon as Clinton appears on a swing and belts out: “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” She later comes in singing on a piano that is being played by Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton.

When Cecily Strong’s character joins the diners, she excitedly says her vote will definitely be for Clinton “because Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright basically said it’s my feminist duty.” But when others counter that her “feminist duty” is to look at candidates equally, she changes her mind. “Oh,” she says. “Well, if I really do that, I pick Bernie.”